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What's Coming Up?

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With the 2022 school year ending Splash is transitioning to its 'Vacation Care' program! 

What Have We Been Up To?

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Term 4 Events: 

Term 4 has been an eventful term for the children at Splash! We have been engaging in a range of activities across the realms of craft, science,  sustainability, and food technology. We love setting a diversified and stimulating program for the kids to engage in.

Christmas Concert 

Splash Christmas Concert! It’s always a treat to see our kids showcasing their talent.

This event was catered by the ‘Pizza Boys’ and it’s amazing to see good food bring people together. There was a strong sense of community as 130 kids ate as a group!

The performances were incredibly engaging! Acting, dancing, singing, miming and MC’ing were some of the showcased talents. The confidence, perseverance, and energy was infectious from that stage! The educators were deeply impressed by their efforts.

Overall, it was great to conclude the year with a sense of social togetherness as we enjoyed the Christmas performances. We’re looking forward to a successful Vacation Care program!

Pancake Morning 

On the 23rd of November the families of Splash were treated to a delicious pancake morning with the FIFA World Cup on the big screen! With a variety of fruit toppings and coffee on-the-go this was a nourishing morning program. Splash loves creating moments for parents, educators and children to interact in a communal setting!

Reverse Garbage Christmas Tree Competition

Reverse Garbage is urging OOSH services to 'Choose to Reuse'! Splash will be joining the 'Recycled Christmas Tree Competition' as a fun opportunity to promote sustainable attitudes. As well as being a fantastic outlet for the children's creative sides it will also prompt conversation surrounding waste and reusability. 

Keep posted to track our updates!


We set a chilling ghoulish-themed afternoon program for the kids to get in the Halloween spirit! The kids relish an opportunity to dress up and those without a costume created their own! Our service team ensures that special events are not just an opportunity to be festive; they are great opportunities for children's development. Costume making, sculpture painting, pumpkin carving, and poster drawing were some of the ways the kids built upon their faculties. 

Pink Ribbon Day 

Splash organized a special charity event to support the 'Breast Cancer Foundation'. The children and service team anticipated this event by engaging in poster-making, Prink Ribbon corsages, banners and cooking activities (spearheaded by our chef Mearadey). 

We love fostering a strong communal atmosphere as parents, educators, and children engage with one another over special occasions. It was a treat to share breakfast with the families and to consolidate Splash's familial connections! We were able to raise $700 for breast cancer research which we are incredibly proud of! 

Arludo Program

The kids have been loving the Arludo science program! Predator/prey relationships and maternal family structures have been explored through the use of Arludo's ingenious interactive virtual environments. 

If your child is in Years 3-6 families are welcome to bring a personal device to Splash's 'Before School Care' program on Thursday morning for their use in the afternoon. The device is securely locked! This program is a great way to engage with the scientific method. 

National Recycling Week 

In Week 6 Splash is celebrating 'National Recycling Week'. In accordance with our philosophy of sustainable service practices, the kids were engaging in a range of craft projects using recycled goods! 

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