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What Have We Been Up To?

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Week 8's Focus: Sustainability


September has kicked off! The Educators are trialling a weekly focus for the educational program. Last week the children were immersed in sustainability-based activities. This included outdoor foraging, flora sculptures, and nature drawing.

The Educators worked with the kids to make discoveries and interact with others whilst connecting with their natural environment. Check out Educator Wendy’s comments:

‘’It was heart-warming to see the children gain more of an understanding of the world around them by observing shapes in the environment and collecting natural materials.’’

Educator Kate noticed:

‘’The children decorating the autumn leaves loved the patterns the leaves were making, and were excited that were creating art with resources found on their very own school playground.’’

We feel fortunate to be situated near such a vibrant community garden! The diverse array of plant life encourages the children to experience nature in more ways and more frequently.

We’d love to hear what you think about the weekly focus areas!