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An Introduction

Splash is a not-for-profit 140-place service. As a not-for-profit OOSH Service, we divest our financial surplus back into the educational program: learning resources, play equipment, and professional training. Moreover, our proceeds go towards developing Ashbury Public School's infrastructure. Splash's philosophy is centered around achieving quality outcomes for your children.  


We pride ourselves on our collaborative partnerships with the community. Our service is managed by a 'Volunteer OOSH Parent Committee' on school grounds. Our service team liaises with the school to ensure that our pedagogical practices extend on each child's learning and development. 

On a day-to-day basis, the centre is managed by our Director Justina and the 2IC when the Director is away from floor operations. The Splash children are supervised by an Authorised Supervisor (Responsible Person).
We offer accredited:

  • Before and After School Care during the school term (for Asbury Public School Children [APS])

  • Pupil Free Day Care on 'Staff Development Days' for APS and Saint Francis Xavier (SFX) Children 

  • Vacation Care for APS and SFX Children 

    • Our care caters to primary-aged children (Kindergarten to Year Six) in a safe physical environment that offers a diverse range of learning experiences. 

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National Quality Standard Rating

We have achieved an 'Meeting the National Quality Standard' rating in these quality areas:

  • Educational program and practice

  • Children's health and safety

  • Physical environment

  • Staffing arrangements

  • Relationships with children

  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  • Leadership and service management


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What are the values that inform an educational program that is child-centered

Click the link attached if you want to read more about our high benchmark of primary-aged care that guides our practices.

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Splash adheres to the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority.

Click the link attached if you want to see how our policies reflect 'Enrolment', 'Incidents', 'Illnesses', 'Relationships with Children', 'Work Health and Safety', and 'Medical Conditions'.

Food at OOSH

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Our menu is guided by three overarching principles: Nutrition, Diversity, and Taste! 

Our commitment to healthy dietary practices is being extended with a 'Splash Chef' being appointed on the 22nd of August 2022!

Click the link attached to see how we cater to your child's wellbeing. 

At Splash OOSH, we have an appropriately qualified Full-time Director, a Permanent Assistant Director & Educational Leader, and 2 permanent part-time staff, which is supplemented by a roster of casual staff working 1 to 5 afternoons a week.


All of our educators are appropriately qualified: Working With Children Checks, First Aid, Asthma, and Anaphylaxis Training, and Child Protection Qualifications. This ensures our service team can appropriately respond to your child's helath, safety, and wellbeing needs.


Splash Centre places high value on an academic background in education amongst our Educators. This means our team possesses a range of skills, knowledge and experience in primary aged care, theoretical pedagogy, and teaching. We pride ourselves on selecting individuals who can develop warm, respectful relationships with your children. 

Under the care of our qualified service team, your children will feel a sense of security and belonging!


Dragana Marinkovic


Tara Rees

Vice President

Virginia McGuire


Natalie Stewart


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