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7AM - 6PM

The Vacation Care Program

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Our Vacation Care program is a cherished component of our service. We pride ourselves on offering enthralling opportunities for the children whilst maintaining a strong developmental focus. This means that you do not have to stress about keeping your children mentally and physically stimulated during the school break!

The program balances incursion and excursion experiences for the enjoyment of your child. In between our program experiences the children are free to self-direct their play with our range of resources: crafts, games, sports, dramatic-play, and relaxation! Each day provides a completely unique experience.

Our caring Educators run a flexible holiday-care schedule: 7am to 6pm. Your children will be under qualified supervision throughout this entire period. We adjust our ratios depending on whether it is an incursion or excursion (and the nature of the excursion). Safety is Splash’s highest priority; so rest assured!

Your children will be treated to a nutritious and diverse array of meals (prepared by our appointed chef!). Will we always provide breakfast and afternoon tea; excursion days often include lunch. Please check our program calendar to see what food you need to arrange for your child for that day!

We would love to have your child/ren involved in a carefully curated holiday program that stimulates their emotional, intellectual, social, and physical wellbeing.

Please ensure you read and complete the care schedule for your child/ren, the Terms and Conditions’’, and sign the Parent/Guardian’ permission forms.

We’ll see you there!

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