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Parental Involvement & Committee Meetings

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The centre's operations and service team fall under the umbrella of the 'Volunteer Management Committee'. This reflects Splash's philosophy of grounding its practices in communal relationships.

The committee is represented by parents who use the service with annually held elections. Our committee prides itself on parental input that has an implication on the quality of your child's care. Our community is encouraged to become active members of the 'Management Committee' and attend the 'Annual General Meeting'.

Please contact the service with any questions regarding the committee! 

Please remember: 

  • Your invaluable input affects the quality of care for your children

  • We cannot operate without it!

  • Meetings are held once a month. We would love to see you!


Joel Gilberthorpe


Tara Rees

Vice President

Michelle Rees


Natalie Stewart & Kate Bartlett

Treasurer & Vice Treasurer

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