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Online Enrolment with Myfamily Lounge - Coming Soon!

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We will be converting to Xplor. A new system that allows you complete your details and manage your enrolments from home. Watch this space.


New Enrolments

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Click below for the 2021 SPLASH enrolment form.

Children wishing to attend Splash Centre must be enrolled in the service before commencement. Children will be accepted into the service when all the requirements of enrolment are met.

  1. Complete Enrolment Form.

  2. Child’s immunisation records and or other medical information are to be photocopied and attached to the enrolment form.

  3. Confirmation email will be sent upon enrolment approval.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents who are entitled to receive reduced child care fees must nominate their childcare service through the MyGov portal. For more infomation click here.


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Re-enrolment occurs each October. Please advise staff if you wish to continue your booking with SPLASH.