We will continue to operate with additional stringent hygiene and safety measures in-place. We have and will continue to undertake rigorous hygiene standards, cleaning procedures and health and safety standards including:

  • Reinforced vigilance in hand washing throughout our services

  • On-site first aid facilities with qualified first aiders always on duty

  • Displaying the latest Safety Alerts for our families to keep up to date

  • Close working relationships with emergency services and government Departments

In addition to the above, to further strengthen our rigorous hygiene standards, we are putting plans in place to:

  • Conduct additional cleaning of equipment and surfaces

  • Provide updated additional hygiene signage in our centres

Please click on the envelope below, guidelines from the NSW Department of Education:

 -  Managing Positive COVID Cases for Staff and Children 

- Who should be notified when there’s a COVID-19 case in my service?

- Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT)


- Positive cases returning to your service