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Our Vision is:

  • To advocate, influence, support and drive the improvement of quality outcomes for school age children within Ashbury Public School and Saint Francis Xavier

  • To ensure all families and children have the same experience and access to quality OOSH programs.

  • To be an innovative provider of quality care and learning within the sector, striving beyond excellence in all we do, and advocating for positive change.


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Splash Centre acknowledges and pays our respects to the traditional lands and waters of the Wangal and Cadigal people, and all Aboriginal Elders past, present, and emerging. We respectfully acknowledge that is upon unceded land that Splash Centre operates. We also pay our respects to the traditional custodians of this land. We respect their continuing cultural and spiritual customs and recognize that these practices are to be respectfully embedded into our service program.


  • The Splash Educators have responsive relationships with the children: their interactions are respectful and foster a child's sense of security at the service (QA4). 

  • Our play-based learning program is child-centered; it provides opportunities for children to enhance and extend their own learning and development. Educators are active in creating a rich and diverse range of experiences to facilitate a range of developmental areas. They are warm in their approach to encouraging children to actively engage in the learning program (QA1, QA5). 

  • The physical environment caters to a range of developmental needs. It is a safe space for independent exploration or for Educator scaffolding of the learning experience (QA3).  

  • Splash Centre understands that collaborative relationships with the community are fundamental to a responsive learning program. Relationships with families are predicated on active collaboration to tailor for specific needs (QA6).

  • Part of a safe educational environment is promoting healthy eating practices; our diversified menu is revised in accordance with contemporary dietary guidelines. Proactive avenues for conflict resolution and mental health support cater to the psychological wellbeing of the children (QA2). 

  • The service team values a culture of proactiveness and reflexivity. This means regularly revising our pedagogical practices in accordance with contemporary educational standards and theory and having a clear direction for continual service improvement (QA7). 

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