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 Splash Centre believes that good nutrition is essental for a child's healthy growth and development. For
this reason the Centre will provide nutritious, good quality food consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for
Children and Young People in Australia.

The service strives to cater to most individual children's dietary needs. Water is available at all times for
children to drink as required.


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The kids love food at OOSH!

We provide breakfast including toast, cereal, yogurt and the famous Splash Toasties.
Afternoon tea is provided after school at 3.10pm consisting of a range of cooked and fresh meals prepared on site.

We also have a fresh fruit platter available for the children later in the afternoon, as well as a late snack at 5.30pm for the children who are still here.
We provide breakfast, afternoon tea, fruit, and a late snack during Vacation care.

Weekly Menus are poster at the services sign in desk. Splash actively encourages families to contribute to our
weekly menu ideas.



Please ensure your children do not bring any nut products to Splash. This includes peanut butter, Nutella or
any nut spread snack

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