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 Splash Centre aligns itself with contemporary dietary science: good nutrition is essential for a child's health and development.

We reflect this by providing a nutritious and diverse array of food options that are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for 'Children and Young People in Australia'.

The service also caters to specific dietary requirements! Our service team liaises closely with families to ensure that their children are fed appropriately. We also enforce strict food safety requirements. 


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Children love the food at Splash!

We provide breakfast that incorporates a range of food groups: whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and proteins! We facilitate this by offering cereals, bread and spread, toasties, and an option of fruit or vegetables. 
Afternoon tea consists of a range of cooked and/or fresh meals that are prepared by our chef! This includes fresh fruit and vegetable platters. A late snack at 5:30pm will consist of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, or (sometimes!) a delectable treat!
Our Vacation Care program provides breakfast, afternoon tea, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Please see the program to see whether an excursion provides lunch!

The menu for the week is always displayed at the service desk. We actively welcome our families to inspect our menus and offer their suggestions! 

We also host cooking workshops as part of our service programming! These workshops are such an important aspect of the developmental process: life skills, STEM knowledge, healthy eating practices, and child autonomy are fostered by these experiences. Please send us your recipes; or, better yet, talk to the Educators about running a cooking workshop for the children! We love embedding communal experiences into our service. 



Please ensure your children do not bring any nut products to Splash. 

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This term will be hosting weekly cooking workshops for the kids! This will be a great opportunity to develop an important relationship with nutrition and develop a range of cognitive and physical faculties. Check out the program below! 

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